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"She asked what movie I was working on and so I told her a little about , which I had just finished. "It was a madhouse," Lowe recalled of walking through the club until he reached the VIP section.

"Madonna and I were discussing where we would sneak off to at the end of the evening when she suddenly jumped up and said, ' Let’s dance! I'll wait here,' I said." "' Suit yourself,' she replied as she waded beyond the velvet rope into the fray." PHOTOS: Chad and Rob, and other celebrity siblings!

Lowe grew up in Southern California and attended Santa Monica High School, where his classmates included actors Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn.

He rose to fame on the big screen in the early '80s as a member of the Brat Pack, along with other young actors like Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson.

They broke up, according to rumors, because Cusack wouldn’t commit to marriage. Uma Thurman — Cusack and Thurman dated after she divorced Gary Oldman, and were seen together again after she split with Ethan Hawke.

His performance as Dean Sanderson, an actor who takes advantage of his family-oriented younger brother, played by Fred Savage, was a hit with critics and garnered him a Golden Globe nomination.

He went on to marry Sheryl Berkoff in 1991, with whom he shares two sons, Matthew, 21, and Johnowen, 19.

For her part, Madonna married her own "bad boy" — Sean Penn — in 1985, divorcing him 4 years later.

Lowe played the role of Sodapop Curtis, the brother of the main character Ponyboy Curtis (C. In August 1987 he performed on stage, playing Baron Tusenbach in Chekov's The Three Sisters at The Williamstown Theatre Festival.

He recalled meeting Paul Newman there, and that the older actor encouraged him to work in the theatre in 1993 when filming a British TV production of the Tennessee Williams play Suddenly, Last Summer with (the now) Dame Maggie Smith and Natasha Richardson.

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He starred in In 1988, Lowe made headlines with a scandal that involved a video camera and a female minor.

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