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2.5 million people found themselves arguing with family members over their Brexit views and 813,000 have completely cut off a relative!Clearly, politics is creeping into people’s personal lives more than ever. In the run up to the Brexit vote, I found myself on a date with a great guy.The researchers could play with different variables—such as keeping the photo the same while switching the fictional person’s religion, level of educational attainment, or political preference.

But in the current political climate, divisions are deeper than ever and uttering the word ‘Brexit’ can spark heated debate.Supporters of the SNP, Green Party and Liberal Democrats all admitted to turning down potential romantic partners based on their political views.However, one friend firmly on the centre-right admitted she’d struggle to pursue a relationship with a left-leaning Corbynite.It might not affect things in the early days but is bound to cause problems in a more serious relationship.’ Love politics remain heated.e Harmony research shows that it tends to be left-leaning Brits who would be more likely to turn down a first date due to political differences.

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So, is politics still a forbidden date conversation topic, or is it important to know your potential partner’s political views before getting too involved?

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