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I rinsed his back and legs before he turned around with a more noticeable bulge.

It was hard not to look but I continued moving the showerhead to rinse all the soap.

He was down to just his boxers and ready to get in the shower.

“I’m gonna need help,” he said, looking at the showerhead.“Yeah, it’s a pain to soap up and rinse with just one hand,” I said.

I had taken care of him throughout his childhood and what I had just seen made me feel strange.

I would have never imagined any of this and it didn’t help that the images of his tool wouldn’t go away from my mind.

I grabbed another towel to dry his back and then knelt to dry his legs.

I opened the door and saw him grimacing as he sat up on the bed.“Thank you,” he said.I had never cared about penis size, five or seven inches didn’t matter to me, but this was different.It was bigger than any penis I had ever seen and it could easily land him a spot in the porn industry.I turned back to the bathroom but stopped when I saw his naked reflection on the mirror through the ajar door.He moved the towel away to expose the wonderful tool between his legs.“That’s unreal,” I thought, looking at the size of his penis.

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I didn’t want to look away from it, but I couldn’t have him catch me looking.

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