Oasis dating website reviews

Once you’ve created your profile, you may barely even notice them- or you know, they become a constant distraction- but whatever the case is, it’s there like on any other free or cheap dating site.

Oasis is one, among the myriad of dating sites, that offers the quickest sign-ups.

Anyone can send standard requests which means they can choose a standard ‘pick-up line’ from the drop-down menu. The price of the gold package, where you can unlock other features and remove advertising, is; £16.45 a month if your subscribing for just a month and £98.95 for a year, which amounts to just £8.25 a month.

But once the site is revamped, Oasis promised that it’ll only have two types of membership: free and gold.

Again, it’s in the process of being replaced by ‘Secret Flirt’ which means both parties need to send each other the said message first before they are notified of each other’s interest.

Currently, Oasis has three levels of membership; free, silver, and gold.

One thing missing from Oasis is that they do not have any kind of compatibility testing so you won’t be able to filter the results in order of how compatible you are to other users. Though even by ignoring the ads, it won’t make the site any more appealing.

It’s pretty basic and bare which lacks creativity and imagination. However, losing design-wise in our review, we give credit to the little alert box in the top right which makes a little sound when someone views your profile.

However, their membership fees are still quite low which makes the advertising still present and a bit intrusive.

Another great thing about Oasis, aside from offering a free site albeit short on the features, is that they have a large user base.

With that, you’re chance of finding someone decent around your area may be higher than what other non-paid sites are offering.

Signing up for Zoosk is a quick and simple process.

Zoosk offers a one click signup option through Facebook or Google Plus, allowing users to link their information through social media.

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