Normal dating behavior

Because a man-child lives with one foot out the door, he may see meeting your family as a big step.Refusing to meet your parents and hang out with your friends isn’t just indicative of a man-child, it’s also rude.

When deep issues arise, does he make a joke, change the topic, look at his phone and ignore you, or turn the tables and blame you?“The last thing a man-child wants is confrontation, and he will do anything to stop it in its tracks,” says Weber.Similarly, he’ll have a hard time owning up to his mistakes.If after a reasonable amount of time—and this should not be years—you can’t bring up the future on any level (kids, home, pets, marriage), well, guess what? It is just a talk, and you deserve to know if your partner wants the same things you do,” she says. For example, most alcoholics agree their situation is largely their own fault: yet, they go on to deny that their failures are their own responsibility; they are inclined to place blame elsewhere.

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