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The solution: tailor-made classes designed to fit the individual customer needs.“We threw a lot of new technology at our customers over the last five to seven years, because the state of the technology in the county coming out of the recession was very outdated, both from a basic infrastructure … “What it did was really overloaded some of our customers with new technology that they didn’t necessarily know how to use.” Despite the Digital Counties recognition, the CIO said they still have their eyes turned to the big-picture issues such as cybersecurity and the growing demand for data services.Rather than the IT team thinking of itself as customer service-oriented, the CIO said they are now considered strategic partners.“They consider us at every turn, where technology will help, where technology should lay.As it stands, the county is collaborating with the state of Colorado and academic partners to determine if and how such a tool could be utilized realistically.Arlington County, Va., took first place in the 150,000 to 249,999-population category for a second year in a row.“We still have a way to go, but the culture is changing in that direction.” There is also a lot at stake in the county, not only because of the expectations put on modern digital government, but also the proximity to companies like Amazon and Microsoft.Whenever it comes to rolling out new tech for their internal customer departments, Kehoe said the process of engaging with county staff and educating them is imperative to long-term success.

Y., took first place in the 500,000 to 999,999-population category for its resourceful and thoughtful use of modern IT tools.

In recent years, county CIO Bill Kehoe said efforts to tie everything back to the big picture IT strategy have resulted in better efficiencies and a more deliberate deployment of necessary tools.

“That’s the movement that I have seen in the last few years — the organization and the county have gone mainly from operational and transactional to more of a strategic and innovative approach,” he said.

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One of my mantras is no technology for technology sake,” he said.

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