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Aoki finds out that Rin's mother had died and she is living with a cousin whose flashbacks lead to violent outbursts.

The protagonist of the story, Daisuke Aoki, is a freshly graduated 23-year-old elementary school instructor who has been placed in charge of the third grade class 3-1.

She tries to care for Aoki as he is still new to the job, and seems to have a crush on him.

She has asked him out on several occasions, only to be interrupted every time by some incident, usually involving Rin.

Much to the surprise and confusion of just about everyone, Kuro eventually comes to idolize and develop something of a crush on Sae Shirai, possibly due to their similar personalities and temperaments.

A quiet, bespectacled young girl whose knowledge of adult and sexual matters is inversely proportional to her level of physical development and an astonishing degree of whose wide-eyed childhood innocence has managed to survive having Rin and Kuro as best friends.

Rin's mother, who died of lung cancer when Rin was very young.

She revealed to Reiji that the father of Rin wanted Aki to have an abortion, but she refused to do it.

A third original anime DVD was released in January 2011. He is placed in charge of Class 3-1, where one of his students, a mischievously precocious nine-year-old girl by the name of Rin Kokonoe, develops a crush on him and goes so far as to proclaim herself Aoki's girlfriend.She entrusted him with the care of Rin after she died.The successful reception of the pilot prompted the creator, Kaworu Watashiya, to rework the title into a full-fledged manga.She has a mischievous nature and has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke's girlfriend; she will go to great lengths to make him fall in love with her.This has resulted in her crossing moral and legal boundaries many times, including blackmail and taking advantage of Daisuke's inability to respond to her forcible advances by threatening to scream that he is trying to molest her, when in fact it is her that is making those advances.

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The apparent wealth of the Kagami family allows Kuro to indulge her obsession with following the latest, expensive fashion trends, and she often wears clothing in the Gothic Lolita style, sometimes combined with nekomimi ears and tail.

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