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The fresh interest aroused on this occasion led Sir Wollaston to throw into this new study the same enthusiasm and concentration of purpose which made the secret of his success in other fields.

The nucleus of his collection was a small volume which passed into his hands from those of his old friend Mr. Leicester Warren borrowed it for use in the compilation of his " Guide to the Study of Book Plates." This gentleman was a friend of old standing, with whom Sir Wollaston shared many tastes and pursuits. {A different plate) 18 Abbott, James 19 Abbott, John.

It consisted chiefly of the Eoziere and Bilco collections, purchased by Sir Wollaston Franks en bloc ; and both these had been methodically arranged and mounted by their former owners. Sir Wollaston Franks in the first instance took up the collecting of hook plates as a sort of light supplement to his other and gi'aver antiquarian lahours.

When the collection came into the British Museum, the foreign portion alone was in something like order.

When his bequest became the property of the Trustees, this portion had yet to be weeded of duplicates, brought into one main series, studied, sorted, numbered, catalogued, and arranged for mounting, before it could be made available for the use of students. Gambler Howe, who has completed it after nearly five years' labour ; so that before the close of the current year the entire Franks collection of English book plates will be mounted and accessible for study in the Print Room, in some sixty albums containing from six to seven hundred plates each; and the catalogue will witliin the same period be completed iv Trtface. The very high prices commanded, for instance, hy fine mediaeval works of art and curiosity rendered it difficult for a collector of his comparatively moderate, although comfortable, means to compete for them in the open market on any but rare occasions.

But Sir Wollaston amassed his English collection from all manner of miscellaneous sources, and continued actively increasing it till within a few months of his death ; and in his hands the work of acquisition and identifica- tion had far outstripped that of sorting and arrangement. The pursuit had the further advantage that it was one relatively inexpensive compared with other kinds of collecting to which he was devoted. {The last plate with the motto added over the Crest.) 23 Abbott, J.

The first impulse of any friend giving up the pursuit was to offer his series to Sir Wdllaston, whose collection was thus rapidly increased by the wholesale incorporation of others, as well as by purchases both large and small from every trade source available.

A word needs to be said as to a few of the most remarkable specimens in the collection.

Sir Edward Ward, John Ward of Capesthome, and The Eight Hon. The earliest date on any plate in the volume is 1679, on the plate of Sir Eobert Clayton. Longmans & Co., 39, Paternoster Row ; Mr, Bernard Quaritch, 15, Piccadilly Messrs. A natural effect of these cordial relations with other amateurs was eventually to enrich the collection which Sir Wollaston was himself in process of forming ; all the more inasmuch as his intention of ultimately bequeathing it to the British Museum was well known. The necessity for accurate cataloguing and indexing, no matter how unimportant the indi- vidual plate may be, the determination of the method of arrange- ment, which almost necessarily changes as the collection grows, the rreface. No one who has not collected book plates can reahse how absorbing the work may become.

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The plate of Major-General John Tidcomb occurs in "Brighton" without signature; on another impression in the main series is found a signature reading A. Though every considerable collection contains a certain number of these same plates which are brought together in " Brighton," there are in this album many plates hitherto absolutely unknown to collectors, as well as known plates in early states not previously described.

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