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A chapter is added on "the Infinitive in the Other Germanic Languages," which of necessity rests upon the investigations of others, but which will, I hope, be found something more than a summary. On the loss of the final -n in Northumbrian, see § 288. A few examples will suffice for illustration: — tminflected: L. As the position of the infinitive in Anglo-Saxon varies considerably in the different uses, the matter is treated in the chapters dealing with the several uses. As the subject of an active verb the active infinitive occurs about 356 times; as the subject of a passive verb, about 48 times. Contrary to what one is led to expect from most of the Anglo-Saxon grammars, the sub- jective infinitive is usually inflected: of the 356 subjective infinitives found, 252 are inflected, and 104 are uninflected.

PROPESSOE OF ENGLISH IN THE UNIVEKSITT OP TEXAS WASHINGTON, D. PUBUSHED BY THE CARNKGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON 1913 A- ^7^ «^^2- CAENEGIE INSTITUTIOK OF WASHINGTON Publication No. I trust, however, that they will not prove so numerous or so serious as to invalidate this history of the Infinitive in Anglo-Saxon. The suffix -ono-, to which was added the nominative- accusative neuter ending, -m, became generalized in primitive Germanic; thus the origmal form of beran was *b Uronom, the -onom of which regularly became -an in Old English, Gothic, Old Saxon, and Old High German. In the adjectival use, the infinitive, habitually inflected, modifies a noun or pronoun. 577." » To me, however, Sunian and tredan are predicative, each, to a subject accusative; and, instead of galan, I read, with Grein and with Professor Blackburn, golan. The active infinitive as the Subject of a finite verb is less common than I had anticipated, despite the fact that I include under this head sentences having hit as the grammatical subject and the infinitive as the logical subject. I consider first the active infinitive as the subject of active verbs.

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In a word, I have endeavored to preserve the due balance between form and function so much ' Except of the Predicative Infinitive with Auxiliary Verbs, the full tabulation of which seemed unnecessary. In the chapter on "the Infinitive in the Other Germanic Languages," the same general plan is followed as far as is possible. Of this discussion an excel- lent history is given by Professor Jolly in his Geschichte des Infinitivs im Indo- germanischen (Munchen, 1873), the main conclusions of which are accepted by Professor Delbruck in his chapter on the infinitive in his Vergldchende Syntax der Indogermanischen Sprachen (Strassburg, 1897). But, as already stated, these two classes are not mutually exclusive, since, even when used as subject or object, the infinitive may likewise govern an object, and to this extent be verbal. With a noun or pronoun, the infinitive occurs (d) as an appositive, normally in the uninflected form, (e) As the object of a preposition I have found no clear example of the infinitive; but concerning a possible example see Chapter III below. 180.26: t Sat he gelcered wcbs wyrta to begangenne = 217 C^: Quod vir gentilis valde libenter accepit, cum in nutriendis oleribus quia peritus esset audivit. The subjective infinitive that is active in form seems to me habitually active in sense. The uninflected infinitive only is found as the subject with the following verbs, each of which occurs only a few times in this construction: — becuman, happen.

As already stated, this chapter is based mainly upon the studies of others. To recoimt the history of this discussion is not called for here. But it will generally be allowed, I think, that, in He vri U sing the song, sing is more verbal than to sing in He voishes to sing the song. Typical illustrations of these substantival uses are the following: — (a) As subject: — iminflected: Greg. gode on feawum mannum ot SBe on micclum werode to helpenne on gefeohte and healdan (sic .') t5a Se he wile.

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