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Maybe move her desk if it seems like giving Rachel some space from her would help.But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I or others think; Monica remains employed there, and as long as that’s true, your organization can’t allow another employee to wage a campaign of hostility and ostracism against her.Phoebe walked Monica to HR, and we wondered if Monica was done for.Apparently, they allowed her to remain with the company, but told her she’d be dismissed if she put one toe out of line (heh).As for whether your company should have fired Monica over this …if Monica does good work and hasn’t had serious judgment problems in the past, I wouldn’t advocate firing her over this.

Since that point, she has done everything she can to make Monica so unhappy that she feels compelled to quit, from passive-aggressive emails, to trying to rally coworkers to petition management to let her go, to bringing up “the incident” (as it’s come to be called) at every available opportunity.

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Clearly they need to have a very serious “you cannot touch a coworker ever again and there will not be another warning” conversation with her (which it sounds like they did), as well as a “do you understand how people may react to being restrained and touched against their will” conversation.

And they need to keep a much closer eye on her judgment for a while.

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I didn’t have the best view, but it looked to me as though reality was closer to Rachel’s side.)Our manager, Phoebe, rushed in after several seconds of laughing/shouting to break it up.

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