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I am not a Freemason and in the article that follows I have approached this sensitive document with the greatest of respect.“I fully agree with the Masonic interpretation of God as an all-seeing all-knowing grand architect of the Universe.This image at the top of the page has 'everything' encoded in it and many more explanations that will be added to this article in the weeks to come.The Egyptian Goddess Nut will be explored at the bottom of this article. fast links are as follows: RA SYMBOL AS SUN STAR EGYPTIAN WOMB OF NUT SEVEN POINTED STAR HELIOS KEY OF SOLOMON ORION CROSS 33 DEGREES ASTRONOMY OF SOLOMON (see below) JOHN DEE MONAD ORION CROSS CROSS OF THE CHURCHES IS ORION CHALICE HOST HEAVENLY COMMUNION RITUAL I have over 35 star maps found all over the world (see star map menu) and the Human Blueprint Code found in three of the main star maps repeating the same star area over and over and in each case defining each ancient culture's place of beginnings from this area in Taurus the Bull.Some very interesting comments were made in private conversations that transpired after the talks.

It is from this supposed omission that they conclude that my Pleiades correlation theory is inconclusive.The objective was to make my star map easy to follow and supposedly appear different to what was being shown in the Freemason document.Now all the star map interpretation on this website include this thirs Sun star under the title Sol 3 Tertiary.Perhaps directly linking to humanity’s grand arrival as colonists (which will be elaborated on in this article).Later in my research, it transpired that there was a third Sun-like star.

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Both are stars that astronomers have already documented as being like our Sun and hence if there were planets in their vicinity with water, then life as we know would be quite probable there.

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