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On that I going to bed, have had enough drama for tonight. congrats and apologize for not checking HH to see it was this person. And yes the ultrasound might be wrong but thats ok. Are you going to keep them all since you arent a seller?

And those Rotties that I know in Minnesota that are winning points/breed are some nice examples of the breed. yes he is a german pure bred rottie from Germany if yo0u must know ya smart ass. he picked him out while on a tour to Germany in the Army and yes if you want to know he is a soldier and yes married for 9 years with two German Rottied with 6 of our ownsame mom and dad. she says we are liers figured i would post some of her responces from her last thread because she may start some accusations on how we are just putting things in her mouth. TROLL, I linked in her previous posts, she si complete nut trying to start fights and here is the proof. i think you have the wrong link, thats to your puppy story lol and not the thread. Rotties are notorious for this genetic defect and need to be checked prior to breeding. or is this a breeding program what is your purpose to breed.

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Very proud that I can say that and have it be true.

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  1. I couldn't tell you the numbers, but there are plenty of single seniors in the area, both male and female. probably more then average in a city our size, since nearly half our population is made up of seniors.