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"Officer Deforest admits that the circumstances seemed incorrect when viewed against the video," the report says, but he insists he did receive the blows from Anderson — just that they occurred "out of time sequence, as is seen in the video." Deforest says "he was tired" when he filed his reports and he "put the brief together quickly without being as careful and accurate as they should have been." For his part, Curtis says his memory "is in conflict with the video, and he accepts that he was wrong in his recall." "The video itself appears to be damning," police admit in the internal report.But the report concludes "when taken into account what occurred off camera …The camera caught some, but not all, of what happened that night.The grainy footage shows a police car pulling up to Anderson's house before a struggle ensues. But the end of the encounter is caught on camera — and at this point the police account differs from what is caught on camera.The investigation ruled the officers "did not use excessive force" and that "there is not any evidence of any racial overtones" to the officers' actions.

Holding his chest, he told Miss Cook: “I’ve been stabbed.” He had blood on his hands.

"We are seeking damages for the pain and the suffering and the emotional and psychological distress experienced by Jake and his family as a result of the officers' inappropriate use of force and negligent statements made over the course of the prosecution," Sandor told .

Anderson knows it was the video footage that saved him from a conviction. I feel like it would solve a lot of problems," Anderson said.

Curtis was criticized for failing to report he drew his gun at the cemetery.

Anderson's family is suing the Chatham-Kent Police Service.

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