Advice dating a drug dealer

You will have to buy merchandise to raffle off just to get your customers to pay you on time.You will always have an asset manager telling you that your retaining too much money.Snap on has the first right of refusal on the sale of your franchise.You will be forced to deal with non paying customers.

You will be forced to sign up in programs as a new dealer you may not like.You will have to spend many extra hours every week checking your tool bill making sure there something there that shouldn’t be. You will spend a lot of time fixing hand ratchets, replacing screw driver blades and replacing bits on sockets. You will hear every story in the book from customers when they have no money to pay for there tool bill.You will be hounded from snap on credit when something needs to be repossessed.You are not allowed to make a profit on anything you reposses if the customer still owed a balance.You will eat shipping cost on repairs that are still under warranty. You will have your garage stuffed with many tool boxes you don’t need. You as a Snap-on dealer are never an independent business person. They put you in business and can take you out at any time. ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE SNAP-ON TOOLS FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY?

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I tell my wife that is exactly what I’d like to happen to her.

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