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At the end of each day, each group will submit their intervention design, results chain and research questions in electronic format to their moderator, using a Power Point template.Grout Work Clinic I: Brainstorming about interventions to work on during the group work clinics.Impact Opportunities 3: Using Community-level interventions to promote Behavior Change Chair: Germán Sturzenegger, Water & Sanitation Senior Specialist - IADB - Paul Gertler, Professor - UC Berkeley: The Limited Effects of Large-scale Handwashing Campaigns.Multi-country study - Irma Condori, Consejo de Salud Rural Andino: Using Community theatre to promote Hygiene behaviors in Bolivia - Lynda Rey, Evaluation Director - One Drop Foundation - Georgiana Braga-Orillard, UNAIDS - Brazil Country Director: Using Edutainment to Combat HIV/AIDS in Brazil Measuring Session 1: Measuring Cognitive and Non-cognitive impacts Chair: Suzanne Duryea, Principal Researcher Economist- IADB - Stephen Leff, Professor - University of Pennsylvania: Integrating Assessment of Social Beliefs and Behaviors in the Context of Aggression and Bullying Prevention - Fuyuan Shen, Professor - Penn State University: Measuring implicit health attitudes Policymaker Panel: Why invest in Entertainment-education and its research?Each group will select one project on which it will work for the remainder of the week.Each project will have at least one IE specialist supporting the intervention and evaluation design.The workshop invites projects planning to conduct entertainment education or mass media behavior change campaigns, especially in the areas of Water, Health, and Gender Empowerment.

The moderator will then take the group through a framework for establishing a results chain and participants will identify what needs/problems their programs aim to address, and what assumptions they are making that might break the results chain should they not be true’ and (iii) Determine the research questions to be answered by the impact evaluation.Case Study: Telephone Campaigns to Encourage Child Vaccination (courtesy of MIT-JPAL) Moderator: Laura Costica, Mexico DIME Field Coordinator The theoretical concepts discussed on Days 2 and 3 in the policy and technical sessions will be reinforced through group work on a case study.The case study will focus on the various identification strategies and methodologies for constructing a counterfactual.Chair: Lorena Guille Laris, Director - Cinepolis Foundation.Panelists: Ori Yardeni, CEO - Life Changing Experiences, Maria Correia, World Bank Lead Gender Specialist, Alex Balassa, Director - Blindspot Pictures, and Deborah Jones, Creative Director - Search for Common Ground.

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Governments and development agencies invest millions of dollars every year in behavior change campaigns, including handwashing, safe sex, and gender-based violence.

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